"Whats your grandfather going to think of you?"

Do your parents’ expectations of your school achievements go far beyond what you are capable of achieving? 

​For Parent/Teen Mediation call 250.335.2343.  We will respond within 24 hrs.  It's free and confidential.  Sponsored by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

 “That’s it! You’re grounded for the next two months.” 


We will help make your family happy again.

"You need to buy your own clothes and pay for your own school supplies."

“You need to get solid ‘A’s. How do you expect to become a doctor if all you do is fool around with your friends?” 

And that issue about taking their prescription medication regularly. Or how about, religious and faith issues, and food issues, “ I’m a vegan. I refuse to eat anything that walks on four legs or has fins.” How about that 15 year old six foot tall behemoth that puffs his chest up into your face and lets out a stream of ugly words and threatens to put a chair through the wall.” 


  • We can defuse high risk situations that often have involved police intervention, drugs, alcohol, and forms of family violence that range from verbal to physical aggression

  • We will link your family with therapists and community support organizations.

  • We will design long term programs that allow families to access and achieve healthy lifestyles. 

  • We can help you negotiate family plans with your ex spouse.

​​email:  adrian2@shaw.ca

Unfair curfew restrictions? Has your parents’ loss of trust for past behavior led to unfair grounding schedules?

​​email:  adrian2@shaw.ca

if you have any issue that is causing conflict in your family,  call us at 250.335.2343.

 safe and confidential

parents are you experiencing ...?

Parental hair that's going grey early? Going viral about internet worries? Tired of hearing, “You’re the worst parent in the world.”  Then followed by a loving smile and a “Can I have $20 for movie and popcorn?”

Do you have a different religious practice?

Do you want to get a job?

Are you expected to share your financial earnings with your parents?

Are you gay?


Lesbian …and afraid to open this issue up with your parents? 


if you have any issue that is causing conflict in your family,  call us at 250.335.2343.

 safe and confidential

Teens are you experiencing ...?

Ahhh…and those testy drug issues, and those shoplifting issues, and those bullying issues, and those cutting issues, and those foul mouth issues, and those dirty bedroom issues, and those boundary issues, and those, “Mary’s mom lets her go and stay overnight.” issues and those “All I want is a little respect,” issues.