"Do you really not want your child on prescriptions?" "How is it that unlimited hours of video are allowed in your house and not the other? "So if I have to do the gymnastics pickup, it’s only fair that you do the guitar lessons?"

When the two of you come to the recognition that you will have kid obligations for maybe the rest of your lives weddings and grandchildren….is it not time to chart out a path that is a little more harmonious.?" She needs a science degree. How is she ever going to get a job with an arts degree?"

And  the questions can go on and on even after they've left the house.

Ponder this. If  50% of modern families are getting divorces, wouldn’t it be great to set a mature example for our kids to emulate in their future partnerships?"

 There is a way forward...a change of course.

So give us a call. A neutral 3rd party can lighten up the meeting with the two of you...even if it's in a separated room or on Zoom. Is it not worth it to be finally heard?

So let’s set a scenario. You’ve been divorced a few years. You’ve gone through the lawyers and the courts doorway and realized that that  experience was a lot of money down the drain and neither of you will do that again. But,  you still have issues and mostly it's to do with the children. 

And the kids that are never going to go away because they are going to get partnered up and probably make you into a grandparent. Together, sort of, for ever.

 Yet all those questions keep coming up. And there's not always agreement.

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