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Families in post –divorce conflict

Divorce is a trying enough conflict. If as ex-partners you do not share children, you may never have to see each other again.

With children, be aware that well after the official court settlement, there WILL be birthdays, sicknesses, graduations, time and money demands that range from who takes the kid to guitar lessons and who pays for the field trip that will require both your attention.  As your children age, there will be lifestyle contrasts that will reflect themselves in the raising of children leading to differing preferences in curfew rules, health standards, holidays, clothing styles, music, educational expectations…..we could go on and on in this  couldn’t we? And because you are reading this section, you are fully experiencing right now the results of conflict and how it can linger well after your official separation.

Are you willing to carry these differences until your children ask each of you to be present at their marriages? Until they present you with grandchildren?  For families in post-divorce conflict, remember…relationship is ‘til death due us part’.

Isn’t it about time to enjoy a sense of relaxed community? An unbiased 3rd party mediator can help you set out upon a new and more harmonious path with each other.

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