How does conflict express itself in your relationship? 

Is  it a "Don't talk. Stay away from me.  I'm tired of going over this a hundred times again?"

Or  are the two of you so stuck in a brooding kind of Cold War that if the residual tension gets upped by even one  degree for any reason a Games of Thrones scenario  breaks out?

Does your issue require multiple sessions of deep seated analysis?

Many couples try therapy or counseling, It's  the process of meeting with a therapist to resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings and relationship issues.

Or more simply,  would  an invitation to a neutral 3rd party help?

Fairness, safety and a simple listening to each other.

Isn't that when the basis of communication starts?

A held breath released. Some movement. 

All in maybe two or three meetings.  And maybe even just one if there is a real AHA moment. 

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