Adrian Symonds

Adrian Symonds is a Chartered Mediator (CMed) and a Qualified Arbitrator (QArb) as designated by the ADR Institute of Canada.

Adrian Symonds has spent the past 15 years providing conflict resolution in the Comox Valley.

The Ministry of Children and Family Development (Courtenay) view his services to be an essential component in the mediation of family issues that do not involve child protection issues.

He is a last resort mediator for counselors at local middle and high schools, and family organizations.

He is a senior facilitator at the Comox Valley Community Justice Center, an organization that respects his deep commitment to restorative justice.

The ability to function calmly in a high stress environment, to innovate, to relate intimately with people and to be clear are admirable qualities that serve him well as a mediator in the Comox Valley.

It is so important for a mediator to be able to connect with his/her clients. His varied history of occupations ... taxi driver, longshoreman, pharmaceutical rep., artist, registered massage therapist, three-child father, ergonomics consultant, stress management consultant to major Canadian corporations, house painter, new and used car salesperson, mediator, martial arts teacher, meditation teacher, gardener ... allows him to connect with whatever type of conflict that presents itself.